du an vinhome giang vo

Vinhomes giang vo Interior trends are prominent

What do investors say about Vinhomes?

Located on Giang Vo and Ngoc Khanh streets, it borders Giang Vo Lake, an extremely central location of the capital. Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment was invested enthusiastically by the investor Tan Hoang Minh and Vingroup. Of which, the land width of the road under the investment and planning is about 9604 square meters, the land area to make investment and detailed plan of 58.776 square meters. These two big investors said that they would buy and rent houses or use premises to invest in Vinhomes Giang Vo Hanoi, even for rent or sale, the owner would also be satisfied and reassuring.

Vinhomes Giang Vo furniture owns the leading interior design style

Each tower in the apartment complex Vinhomes Giang Vo from the sample to decorate in the lake apartment for the purpose of producing standard living space 5 stars for the population. Inside the apartment building Giang Vo is the most optimal design, ensuring feng shui and aesthetics for residents to use. The design of the class, impressing anyone about the design style. At the same time, the Gallery apartments are also equipped with luxurious furniture, each room has many airy, well-arranged, harmonious colors to bring residents the best living experience. The furniture is imported from Europe by the world’s leading brands.

Vingroup has announced the Vinhomes Giang Vo policy is expected

Early payment support: Vingroup will have a direct discount on the value of the apartment in the condition that the customer pays early before the deadline. For Contract for finishing wooden furniture: Advance after customers take over the carpentry under our factory. Mechanisms and policies implemented are publicly transparent in accordance with the law to ensure the interests of the state, the people and investors. There will also be more incentive programs after receiving apartments Vinhomes Giang Vo.

du an vinhome giang vo

Ensure the satisfaction of residents after purchasing Giang Vo apartment
In the near future, the 5 star standard will be handed over to customers to visit and evaluate. The Gymnasium is equipped with modern, secure and multi-functional equipment, machines and training facilities to help residents in Vinhomes practice daily, improve their health. There are also commercial centers, hospitals and schools. Located on the main roads of Hanoi connecting the districts to the city center, Vinhomes Gallery is a bridge connecting the central locations of the capital.

This place is sure to be the perfect choice to bring you comfortable life, modern. The completion of Vinhomes Giang Vo will certainly be one of the most desirable residential areas in Hanoi.

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