Interior vinhomes giang vo have been designed class as rumors?

Interior Design Vinhomes Giang Vo “cause remember” because so beautiful

Come to Vinhomes Giang Vo, surely customers will remember immediately when they see the whole architecture of the apartment is also designed in modern style, making full use of wind and natural light. The design of the apartments here is detailed by the leading architects with distinctive living room featuring high-end sofa and table set for the home owner’s extra luxury. This is the architect of many furniture for the convenience of the whole family. The main color is white, the point is the dark color of the table and chairs make color harmony, creating a cool space for the house.

Luxury living room design at Vinhomes apartment in Hanoi

The whole space is designed in modern style mixed with beautiful classic. The interior space of the living room is fully furnished with comfortable and harmonious design to make it convenient for the host. With the white color, points up there are some wall paintings for the room more eye catching. Looking at this is a space completely separate from the overall design of the exterior of the townhouse, details such as ceiling lights and furniture are absolutely minimalist to ensure the elegance of the overall apartment. Vinhome Giang Vo.

Luxury living room design at Vinhomes Giang Vo

Bedroom design of Vinhomes Giang Vo

Bedroom space at Vinhomes Giang Vo consists of 3 rooms, with suitable space to arrange a variety of furniture. Therefore, the interior of the townhouse meets the needs of the family in terms of comfortable bed. Rooms are equipped with many amenities and aesthetic. Just step into the space where you are sure you will want to stay right away. VinGroup from the beginning has announced that it will invite world-class architectural firms to execute interior projects such as villas because in the future this is also a new project with a wide range of uses and diversity. more dedicated. The apartment is designed in modern style and class, showing the luxury and comfort of the highest apartment building today. Therefore, it is no surprise that the main material used in interior design is mainly stone and glass. Interior design bedroom 3 break a bit when minimizing all details, creating a very Western space, very worth living in Vinhomes Giang Vo.

Overall project vinhomes giang vo