Vinmec National Hospital

Health is the priority for customers purchasing Giang Vo apartment

Vinhomes Giang Vo officially launched the construction of Vinmec National Hospital

Vinhomes Giang Vo from the beginning to create resonance in the social network of northern real estate is being met by the Hanoi Capital City eagerly waiting. The project is built on a plot of land of 6.8 hectares, including 5 apartments, each with 50 storeys including: park, natural green space, schools …. First and important to use products in addition to quality services, Vinhomes Giang Vo guarantee the health of customers. Evidence is that Vinhomes Giang Vo planted many green trees around, to help air airy, improve the health of users.

Vinmec National Hospital

Vinhomes Giang Vo is located in the most favorable location of the capital

Located on the ground of the old Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo is adjacent to Ngoc Khanh and Giang Vo, while the other side is adjacent to Giang Vo Lake. The Vinhomes Gallery apartments have a view overlooking Giang Vo Lake which is both a place to admire and create a cool space for living. From the balcony of the apartment to the apartment Vinhomes Giang Vo, the owner of the eye of the most beautiful lake in Hanoi. The Vinh Voes Giang Vo is also very convenient for residents to travel, move and connect places in and outside the area. From here to Ho Guom and West Lake only ten minutes to drive. Give the family a walk during the weekends.

Vingroup officially put Vimec into Vinhomes Giang Vo system

Random projects receive infrastructure and utilities and knowledge communities here. It is no coincidence that Vinmec is highly regarded for its health care services in Vinhomes Giang Vo. Vinmec always takes the lead with the following factors:

  • The team of doctors and nurses are leading experts, highly qualified, committed and dedicated to the interests of the patient.
  • Professional, comprehensive medical, counseling and treatment services
  •  Modern equipment system, which supports the diagnosis and treatment effectively
  • Modern, civilized, luxurious and sterile treatment space
  • A modern, efficient and effective model for managing, sharing and connecting online data.

Vinmec at vinhomes giang vo

Many policies Vinhomes Giang Vo attractive to consumers

Bank policy: 0% interest rate support for customers until the handover. Free managed apartment services: free apartment management services package within 10 years. Vinhomes Giang Vo will build this area will be very beautiful, enjoy the benefits of Vingroup and house prices will increase. Residents can easily move to central cultural areas. In the near future, the 5 star standard will be handed over to customers to visit and evaluate.

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