About Us

Welcome to our page, I am Kristinne Kilpatrick founder of Kristinnes Pet Care. Taking care of all your Dog walking, Cat Care and Pet sitting needs.
Founded in 1981 Los Angeles, Ca. now serving La Verne and surrounding cities. Back then there was no such thing as a petsitter or dog walker in fact we wondered if it would even work, over 30 years later here we are serving wonderful clients and all there wonderful pets whether it is your typical dog or cat or your iguana or lizard we help you out.
Before starting Kristinnes Pet Care I took care of exotic cats. I loved what I did so much that I knew working with animals was what I wanted to do with my life so 5 years in I decided to go to school and become a Veterinary Technician graduating in 1992. I worked at a Vets office while still working on Kristinnes Pet Care. When my business really started to take off I just focused on it and used my being a vet. tech as a background in being able to help people who are afraid to give shots or IV fluids or anything else that they may need.